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Document Scanning

Large Format Scanning (maps, drawings etc)

Microfilm Scanning

16mm and 105mm Document Microfilming

35mm Microfilming (Bound Books, Newspapers, Drawings, Maps)

Aperture Cards

Microfilm Duplication





Our Services

Cut your document archiving and distribution costs dramatically and permantly!


Our program combines the proven power, ease of use with almost limitless storage capacity of CD or DVD-ROM.


First, we create your image, text and index datebase(s), then we create and duplicate, if desire - your CD or DVD-ROM.


Your data can span more than one disc, and may be recorded over multiple sessions.


With our program you can immediately access and view the information you need using predetermined queries we create for you according to your requirements or by creating your hoc searches.  You can also fax, print or export directly from the program.


Northeast Micrographic/Micro Image can provide the solution for anyone looking for a more cost-effective way to distribute information that is regularly sent out as printed "hard-copy" or archive documents in an efficient and easily accessable way.


A CD or DVD-Rom disc is infinitely smaller, lighter and cheaper to transport than an equivalent tower of 20 Websters dictionaries, 150 microfiche or ten rolls of microfilm and more useful because it's electronically searchable.


We would be pleased to give you a free domonstration of what you can achieve with our program!



          "Scanning and Microfilming are our specialities"